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June 23, 2010



Poor kid, I'm rootin for ya.


Sorry you're feeling so bad. I hope this medicine works and get you back to normal soon.


Ugh! Sounds awful! Is the prednisone only being prescribed for a short period of time? Hopefully, you only have to have a relatively quick round with it, your body will get better, and then you can go off of it again. I'll send you healthy vibes, sista!


Hi sweetie,

I know you aren't looking forward to being on Prednisone...my daughter, Jenna has been on it several times and wasn't crazy about it either...for the same reasons; but it does work and that's what matters. The weight gain you may have will go away when you go off of it...priorities sweet Jane, priorities. Get well first. Love, Joy (Jory's mom)

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