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May 31, 2010



This is great and an inspiration! I have been soaking it in this week but come Wednesday my whole full time school experience starts. And then you might not hear from me for a while... but will I have time to clean anything? :)


Great post! It's much easier to ignore the Internet than most folks think. I think going rogue analog is stress-reducing, too


The one thing I am pretty good at is dealing with junk mail the moment it comes in. I open bills immediately, set aside statements, and toss the rest the day I get it. Where I get bogged down is with kids artwork and school papers, but now that the school year is done I will dig into all that and only save a few important pieces.


Very sobering to realize exactly how much of a time suck the Internet et al is. Great that you got so many chores done. If you ever do it again, though, please take some time to relax and do NOTHING. That's really a lost art, IMHO.

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