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May 19, 2010


Erica M



well said!!! I really do try and be that way, but there are certainly days I find myself in a cranky funk and EVERYTHING annoys me, and I hate that about myself


:-) And this is why I like hanging with you. Nice post.


sure does!


See, I can't pretend to be Ms. Happy Go Lucky all the friggen time, though. Sometimes, random shit pisses me off. Sometimes, people piss me off. Sometimes, I'm simply in a bad mood, and while I don't actively search out a way to drag people into that mood with me, it can be very hard, depending on the cause of the mood, to just "la la la!" my way around/out of it.

My mom used to do that. She died of cancer. Do I think there's a link between the cancer and her tendencies to push all her true feelings down instead of allowing herself to feel them, and move on? You bet your cutie patootie I do.

Average Jane

Faith - I think what I'm trying to say is that when I let things roll off me these days, it's because they genuinely do not bother me, not because I'm suppressing my feelings about them. That said, I still have an irritable streak - I just try to move on and forget about the random stuff that pisses me off.

My mom also died of cancer, but she had a cynical and sarcastic streak a mile wide and never hesitated to tell anyone exactly what she thought.


AJ, a rock chick like you couldn't be even tempered. Sarcastic ? You'd get on with OBC. Rantings about Lost, ditto me with Daleks !!!

Yo ay so bad aer kid !

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