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April 01, 2010


Sundi D. Hayes

Cute AND beggin' for a belly scratchin'.


Oooh, kittens. More power to you folks who can handle them! They are oh, so very cute! But the climbing and meowing, and biting of the head as you try to sleep? I can do without. (Don't you keep him in the music studio, though? Or something? So maybe kittens are easier to handle if they don't have access to the bedroom. Not sure.)


hahahahaha. i clicked through on that one.

Poor kitteh. But yeah, I really like Harry a lot better sans harbls.


"He is awfully cute, though, don't you think?"

YES!! YES I do think! love him!! want to kiss his belly.

Average Jane

Just heard from the vet. He's out of surgery, waking up and doing well. I can bring him home tomorrow on my lunch break.

complicated mama

he is adorable and reminds me of the cat I had when I was a little girl- Squirt. ...so cute!


I knew Dr. Jones could take it like a man.


RIP to the good doctor's harbls.

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