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April 13, 2010



Aww....dieting is no fun. :-( I hope you have some fun exercise planned to make up for it.


And the platypus of death T shirt isn't appropriate business attire ?


The motivation is the worst, the motivation to exercise I mean. I can eat well with relative ease but dragging myself away from the computer or tv? SO HARD.


You can do it! Belize, baby! Think goals. Head my way to hit the Unity trail OFTEN then we'll cap it off with a protein shake. Get back in the shake habit...it makes a big difference. Call me when u get back.

a beer sort of girl

Oh I feel your pain, sister. I am on the same kick-my-own-ass plan right now. And as far as the infrequent need to dress up, you can never go wrong with owning one swingy, loose fitting dress. I'm not the most dress-wearing kind of girl myself, but that and a pair of sandals make it the easiest dress up day outfit ever.


You can do it . . . I can help! (Home Depot slogan?) Would love to exercise with you. My free time is expanding a bit, and by this time next month, I'll almost be done with school. We could walk before you go to work on weekday mornings, if you like. I'm up for other activities, too.

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