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April 28, 2010



The hippos are my favorite! Their names are Liberty and Labor Day. Yep, they actually know their names! So, we always call out to them and then do the this weird arm thing to get them to come. Unless they have been just fed, they ALWAYS come around. Yes, I feel like a huge wad flapping my arms and calling, but folks quit rolling their eyes when I get the hippos to do something interesting for a change.


I love capybaras! And my son and I were just talking about how they are, indeed ROUS!
Just got caught up on a few posts. Still giggling over the line when you compared yourself to Jabba the Hutt.


I like the gorillas...I am always disappointed when I trek all that distance to see them and they are nowhere in sight. But, when they are...my heart soars!


The capybaras are fantastic!


you've just introduced me to capybaras! I love them! what wise faces they seem to have.

by the way, HI! Netchick sent me!

Have a great weekend!


I think you've just inspired me to revisit the nearest zoo as soon as I am able. I could spend days taking in these beautiful creations.

My favorite? Don't laugh, but it would have to be the seals. I could watch them swim all day. So efficient and powerful.

Popped by from Tanya's. Great to e-meet you!

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