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March 15, 2010



Know what you mean. Had some sort of crap last August, around the time school was starting for the kids. I would get up in the morning, get my oldest ready for school, Bob would take her. Then, on to the couch for some kids TV for my youngest that I could sleep to. Up to get him ready for school that started at noon, then, back to bed with cell phone alarm set to wake me in time to pick them both up. Back to bed at 8pm, with the kids. Ugh. Reactions to medicine included, it was a rough three weeks, and this entire school year has not gone smoothly, simply because I wasn't around for the first week of it. Hope you get to feeling better soon.


I would say drink plenty of fluids! But you already doing that :) feel better

Erica M

I love the trademark symbol on your blog title, heh. Feel better!


I hope you feel better and have a quality and productive time in Iowa.


Rip scared me for a second. I thought RIP. Get well!

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