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March 09, 2010



It could happen to anyone. :)


LOL Awesome.

Erica M



absolutely it could happen to anyone. ;-)


I LOVED The Help! Such a good book. And yeah, the caramel cake thing was new to me, but sounded delicious all the same. Yuummmm...:)


Hey, I didn't even show up, so you're doing better than I!


The best part is that you are actually NOT a dingbat. So for someone who has known you as long as I have, the whole thing was hilarious!

And the caramel cake was really good - must insist you bring it again. ;-)

Paula Courtney

I should have met with you on Sunday. I've read the book, and really enjoyed it...and as for the caramel cake? Yum. Paula (Cagey's mom)

Amanda Altenhofen

I really enjoyed the cake. You did a great job on it. I can't wait to read "The Help" and have a discussions. Sounds like a great book to read.


Too funny -- my book club just finished "The Help" as our February selection, although I'm sorry you couldn't yet discuss it with your group! Did you see that it's being made into a movie? People.com posted some casting suggestions, and I completely agree -- what do you think?

Oprah: Aibileen
Mo'Nique: Minny
Anne Hathaway: Hilly
Claire Danes: Skeeter

And now I'm craving caramel cake. Yummy!


There is a wonderful caramel cake recipe on The Food Network website under Bobby Dean's recipes. YUM! At least you will be ahead of the game with the book, though. ;-D

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