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February 12, 2010


Erica M

Weekend plans: puppy training sessions begin.

Fun post!


My weekend plans - A little tidying up at home and very little else, just keep warm

Cop's Wife

Perfect day question was me, but I wasn't logged in at the time. Grrr.
Weekend plans:
Friday - Paradise Park with the kids and soccer practice carpool
Sat - teach a class, take a class (Haiti Relief), Girls' Night In for a couple of hours, dinner and bookstore with the Detective
Sun - Around the World in 80 Days at the Rep with B.
How about you?


You are tempting me to check out this "formspring." Perhaps I will play with it this weekend.

Currently, I'm looking forward to a fairly relaxing weekend with lots of DVDs and little bit of visiting with friends. I can't wait! (Is it 6pm yet?)


Saturday, we're having all of our family over and opening the envelope that tells us if we're having a girl or a boy this July. Sunday I'm still working on, but I'd like to have some plans for our last Valentine's sans child.


I figured as much, but the farm part is a surprise. Average Jane cannot be quantified. :)

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