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January 10, 2010



I've lived in Los Angeles my entire life and have spent VERY little time in snow and I have to say it's a beautiful picture though! They look amazing.


We're in a good spot...no icicles off the front of the house this year, and the ones on the back of the house are in line with our ventilation system for the heater. I was worried that we had them at all, but Leo assured me that they're normal in that case.

I give him the side-eye, though, because I don't think icicles are ever a good thing/normal occurrence. It's money down the drain, in my opinion! I like my money! I don't wanna send it down the drain, dammit!


I think it's more down to the greedy commodity dealers forcing up energy prices to ridiculous high levels rather than you being a cheapskate.


My inlaws installed heating coils in the roof. They're up in Buffalow and the ice dams were NUTS. Like works of art. Scary, scary, scary works of art.

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