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January 03, 2010


Leilani Haywood

Hilarious Celeste!

Donna W

You gotta love those Harley bikers.
We ride a Honda; we don't act that way.


Glad to hear this cos I know you were disappointed over the previous night.


I'm really, really loving your blog these days! This post is incredible - great story well told.


You know you're a hit when you've been flashed in a biker bar. The next level up: a streaker.


My brother is in a cover band and we joke all the time about the caliber of women that are cover band groupies. There is one that has actually bitten the crotch of their lead singer AND their guitarist while they were on stage playing. OMG. That is a special kind of drunk.


WOW. I have to say that NEVER happens to me. And when I say "that", I would be referring to a) singing in public, b) being handed a rose by a taxidermied snakehead bearing bartender, AND c) being flashed with naked boobs. Gotta say... I'm not sure I'm feeling all that deprived.

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