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January 22, 2010



my mom went to ruskin. We lived not to far from there until I was ready to go to jr. high and then we moved to grandview. know the area well.


meh. also a ruskin grad and have no enduring love for the building proper, much less what the surrounding neighborhoods devolved to since the 70s.

of more worry is what becomes of either site when abandoned: it might be nice to raze ruskin and create a park on the site, but the city can't afford to maintain the current parks and, even if fianancing were found to implement said notion, chances are the drug gangs would keep families out of it...


Hee. Actually, my middle school used to be the high school. Then? They tore part of it down, built a new middle school. THEN? They turned THAT middle school into a high school and built ANOTHER middle school. Times? They change.

I love history and enjoy learning about the past - one of the reasons why I love antique malls, they are like museums to me.

But, I also like new things. I will always love the feel of cracking open a book, but I do see myself getting a Kindle eventually.


Reminds me of something I'm seeing now that I'm getting rumblings for a highschool reunion. I'm rather saddened by the fact that most of the groups / cliques / bullshit is still there.

There's value in history and tradition, but I'd like to think I have more glory days ahead of me than what was an old highschool. Nostalgia more and more seems to mean not growing up and living in the past.

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