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January 01, 2010



Happy New Year!!!

Postcards from Hell's Kitchen blog.

A Librarian

You handled that with a lot of grace and class. Be proud of your professionalism and remember you have groupies who love what you do.

Erica M

At what point did you start thinking the biker bar gig was sounding better and better?

Happy new year!


Holy crap! What a night! Mine was fine at a before party, but at the actual party my Asperger's responses set in and with all the sound and smells I got totally nauseated and rang in the new year curled up on a chair trying not to puke again and feeling neglected, except Matt came up to kiss me. It pretty much sucked and I'm hoping it's not a portent of the whole dang year.


Agh! That has to suck. People can be so difficult sometimes. C'mon! It's NYE, don't be so picky, enjoy the moment! Sorry this happened to you.


I saw your tweet from the gig, but didn't want to make you feel any worse. At least it is behind you now.

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