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December 03, 2009



You have a late 20s midwestern female from Twitter....so. That's something different, at least.

I'm going to Red Balloon Saturday!


well I do have more testosterone than the average woman and I do have a lot of health problems - but *technically* I am a 36 year old female.

Donna W

Well, you have this old lady following you just because you happen to be local. There aren't that many males reading blogs, so I'd say you're very unique in your following.


Sorry, pre-middle age female here. Although I have to say, usually my interests skew with that demographic - I like prog rock and fountain pen collecting so in my hobbies I'm usually elbow to elbow with middle aged men!

Cop's Wife

Mid 30's local female former agency worker...


Fit it to a 'T'. Cleaning and seeing Fantastic Mr. Fox with my 6-year-old son!


And all those reports are so much fluff, cos we all know only the nicest people read AJ !


One middle aged Male here!

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