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December 21, 2009



Falling down the stairs is how I have broken my toe before... painful but I just wore very sturdy shoes for awhile


Eeek! Hope the doc says it's not too bad and the toe is all you busted.

My weekend was far less painful than yours.


No broken bones here! Feel better, foot pain is one of those that you forget about and then painfully take a wrong step.

Erica M

One of my co-workers was late to work and at lunch, we went looking for her. She'd fallen getting out of the tub. No phones in the bathroom with her. She figured she'd wait it out on the floor, hoping no one would let her die from a twisted ankle.

I'd have died once my co-workers walked into my bathroom to see me naked on the tile.


Wow AJ, I responded to your tweets, but didn't realise you'd bost something.

Right on Christmas, poor girl - I say to hub and others, time to rally round the poor wench !


I got a text from Charlie Chalk last night, he'd gone arse over tit in the ice !

East Coast Girl

My better half did the exact same thing last year around this same time. We took him to the podiatrist right away. Fortunately, he had not broken anything, only sprains. But he still had to wear the big, ugly boot on his leg for several weeks before the doc cleared him for regular shoes -- to make sure that any possible fractures healed properly before he resumed normal activities. He did say that the boot was a lot more comforting than he expected and helped a lot.

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