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December 10, 2009





congrats on the anniversary....sounds like fun....well up until the whole food poisoning! I applaud you taking the time and effort to at least make your anniversary special..


The whole evening sounds awesome. I am really bad at anniversary things, so I'm afraid I have nothing to offer there. I don't think Jack and I ever went on a "real" date! If it were me I'd have a huge party and invite all my friends.


congrats on 15 years! that is great... we just went to Cayman Islands to celebrate my inlaws' 50th... I highly recommend island lounging for anniversary celebrating.


Happy anniversary!!

I think we should do Vegas again for your 20th. The trip for the 10th was so much fun! Maybe we could roadtrip to Area 51 - I bet you could find someplace in nearby Rachel to renew your vows.


I am so touched by the whole of your post that I'm sure it'll make me smile most of the day.

Congrats you two! Even with the food poisoning and brushes with nostalgic recreations, you have such a positive disposition.

Queen of Quirky

Happy Anniversary. I'm so sorry your husband got food poisoning though. Icky.

Anyhow, I admire your 15 years and can't wait till I can blog the same! (in 15 years and 2 months. :) )

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