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December 26, 2009



well considering I am in KC too, my story is very similar to yours.... these are the days I am really sad I had to give up my 4X4 blazer for a darn minivan! Yesterday the hubs had to get out and push several times, and the drive to Christmas eve mass was dicey to be sure. my dad plowed my driveway yesterday but thanks to the wind, my husband still had to shovel it again today. I like a white christmas just fine, but the wind blowing it all around can just leave!


Our vehicles haven't left the property since Wednesday night. We did walk to a neighbor's for a few hours Christmas Eve.


Your driveway looks like our streets out here. Nobody plows residential streets for the inner city. Guess we're not important enough. My friend had to get his car towed off our street!

East Coast Girl

Here in the Washington, DC area, it started snowing Friday evening, through the day Saturday and ending very early Sunday. When it was all done, we had over 20" of snow that stuck around for several days. The county did not plow the main or sideroads until late Sunday, so getting around was quite a challenge, unless you have your own plow or snow blower.

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