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December 08, 2009



Sounds like someone needs a good dosing of Bad Santa. That'll whip your Holiday Spirit real good.

Cop's Wife

My grandmother passed away on Christmas Eve 12 years ago. I was 12. It jaded me for the holidays for a long time, but I came around eventually. The little ones make it hard not to get in the spirit.


Amen, sister! Good for you!

Rita Arens

I've seen this same post all over the Internet. I am wondering if the recession has actually made us all appreciate the little things more. I feel the same way!


Glad you are sparkling again :) I have been getting better and better about it myself!


When I go to my brother's this weekend, I will return with holly, because he has a massive bush of the stuff in his garden. Also I get my tree this weekend. Won't decorate it Sunday as I am at my sisters, but come Monday, I'll be up the ladder woo hoo !

zen zone chick

In an uncharacteristic burst of optimism, I did buy a gift that year.

I was so glad to see you were decking the halls this year...and the kids really loved it too. :)

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