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November 13, 2009



I would donate the $$$ to Planned Parenthood, they provide a very needed service.


I would like to donate the $$ to something local here--Pet Connection in Mission--as that is dear to my heart.


I'd donate it to Midwest Foster Care and Adoptions for them to buy Christmas gifts for the foster kids. Our scout troop collects coats for them. They are a great local organization.


I would choose The Road Home homeless shelter. This charity not only provides food and shelter, but also works hard to connect people with the resources they need to integrate into my local community. Thanks for the great giveaway! This is a wonderful time of year to be thinking of ways to help others. :)


I will chose Army Emergency Relief, which helps active duty soldiers in a financial pinch.


I would donate it to Animal Haven..a shelter in Merriam.

Queen of Quirky

I would give it to the Show-Me Vizsla rescue where I got my Gertie.


Bossy doesn't need the card (of COURSE she does, what are you SAYING, Bossy?) -- but she's just here to say Hi Average Jane!


I would donate to Guide Dogs for the Blind... my mom is on her second dog from them, for 15 years she has been able to "see" with the dogs. Amazing


I would donate 1/2 of the card ($12.50) to "Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund"; and the other half to "Children With Hair Loss". I would also match the donations.

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