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November 20, 2009


A Librarian

They have Andre's as an option which is my all time favorite happy place so the choice was obvious for me...although Spin and Indigo Wild did make me pause for a moment.


I'd do The Toy Store in Lawrence then make a little day trip over there and let the kids do a little shopping.


I wouldn't keep this crad for myself...I would send it to my brother, who lives in the SF Bay Area to help them have a wonderous Christmas. They have been hit hard with the economy and I think this would really perk him up. I wish I could more for them.


I would want one for The Yarn Barn out in Lawrence. They're the only store in the area now who sells spinning supplies and they carry some yarn lines that aren't available in KC.


Aw man! Is there any point in responding after Elizabeth's answer? ;)

I'd love to try Ingredient, and to do it for "free" would be even better! So that'd be my choice.


Par Exsalonce..because sometimes I deserve a litle pampering!


I don't live in any of the specified cities, but a Starbucks card would always come in handy!

Queen of Quirky

Probably Cupinis because I could get yummy fresh pasta to make at home!


uhh Roy's for sure!! mmmmmm.....


I think I'd go for Prairie Life Fitness. Yeah, sure!


Probably Westport Coffee House... Matt and I hang out there a lot for the wifi.


Whole Foods! I love their cheese section!

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