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October 16, 2009



I'm sure you are aware that a cyst is made of water and fat whereas a neoplasm has a completely different ultrasound signature. Good post AJ.


Glad all is now well. I have had one of those call backs, and I know it is nerve wracking.


So the moral of the story is avoid mammograms, since they cause needless worries? ;-)

I had a similar thing happen a few years ago with a bump on my tongue. I had practically lined up pallbearers before the biopsy got back.

I'm happy you're fine, and I promise not to put caffeine in my homebrew.


I have these scares almost every year and I never get used to it. I always freak out. The worst was the first one, when the mammo was in Mid-Nov. and I couldn't get the ultrasound til January 5th. Happy Holiday Season! Try not to worry about breast cancer! Ack.

the misanthrope

glad all is well


So glad my mammogram weeks ago came back good. Thank you so much for posting your story here--way to keep on top of it, too. So glad you're okay.


so glad you're ok!


How scary. Glad things are fine. :)


I just had my first mammogram this year and had a similar scare. So important to get those things done and to pay attention to your own body!


Yea! Glad you're OK! I had the same scare years ago.

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