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October 14, 2009


Donna W

I'm with you.


Great observations AJ. I too remarked on bad customer service on the soapbox yesterday. Whilst it is not minblowingly good in the UK, the Harrods experience was well beyond the norm. Over here, promotion is oft done badly. Flyers for example are put on windshields on rainy days, to disintergrate and mess up the car. As for the do you want drinks or fries with that (when you just ordered drinks AND fries...

zen zone chick

Our business' neighbor (a real estate company) used to use the Three Billy Goats parking method with our customers when they parked in the (unmarked) spots in front of their building. After a while I quit answering the phone when the caller ID showed me it was them. Hey! That branch is closed now too come to think of it!


I completely agree! I come from a customer service background so it irks me even more when I get shoddy service somewhere. I do make sure that I tell anyone when I receive good service or when I really like a place because I know the ratio of good vs bad being told to friends and such.

Hound Doggy

I have a retail store and I always try to give great customer service. I always speak to those that come in and tell them "thank you" when they leave....even if they don't buy something.

I have heard people say just outside the door "she sure is nice".
Yeah me....

It's funny too because the customer part is my least favorite part....but because of that...I just try harder.
And I know it's important.

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