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August 03, 2009



We met for just a couple of minutes at lunchtime on Friday, but I'm going again next year - hope we get to talk a little more then!

And I'm envious that you managed to find Laurie R. I never did catch up with her.


Thanks for the link. Glad you had fun at the mamapop party!


Hi sweetie....I'm only sorry we didn't get to chat longer. We ran into each other at the Expo...I knew it was you right away by your gorgeous eyes and dark hair....you looked great. That conference was amazing....AGAIN! Pooped me out! It was nice to have Jory come home for a couple of days afterward to crash....and talk. All signed-up for next year huh? You amaze me Jane! Much love to you sweet face.... Hugs, Joy

Natalie MacNeil

It looks like all the women who attended BlogHer had a fabulous time. I really need to try and make it next year! Every time I read posts and look at pictures from the event I think, "Wow I'm really missing out!"


It WAS fun! SO nice to meet you in person! :)

Condo Blues

It was really great to meet you!


Great to have finally met you! I look forward to hanging out in NYC!

I'm still on a post-blogher-high. Hard to keep up with all the recaps but very worthwhile!

Angela at mommy bytes

Hey Celeste, it was great to meet you!! So glad you recognized me and you're right... Despite all the negative press, it was fun all around.

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