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July 01, 2009



the dude on the end with the digital watch, didn't he go on to front for Alabama?

I still like the idea of a cover band - maybe a little old school Euro-punk mixed in with late 70's rock and 80's hair and metal? What does it matter as long as you like what you are doing and you are being compensated for it (beer, money or otherwise?) If nothing else, you'll be able to throw down at the Red Balloon anytime you want.


Great time-warp photo!

I love that your doing a cover of "Heartbreaker"--that cannot be an easy song to sing. Have you ever taken a shot at ""The Immigrant Song"? I once tried to get an acquaintance to sing that at a karaoke bar, and he totally choked.


Really AJ, you do make me laugh and my stitches still hurt... KP


As for the picture, you look like Jenna from Blake's 7 (that was a sci fi show not a band by the way).


Oh my. Thanks for the trip back through time.

I think that photo was taken at about the time I was running around in long, flowy dresses (with long underwear under in the winter) and long, dangly earrings.

Hope you find a great band soon. Do keep us posted.


Thanks for sharing that story. I hope you find another band soon.

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