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July 16, 2009


John LaFemina

We have tried the get together and learn songs at practice and it is a monumental waste of time. Everyone learning their own parts and working at practice on putting it all together to make music is far better.

Good luck!


So which Poken did you get? My money's on the flaming skeleton.


Best of luck with the band. Fun and danceable certainly does have its place. ;-)

I can't get into the whole Poken thing but that's because no matter how many times people explain it to me and I click on links that explain it to me I just don't get it. I'm just not drinking the Kool Aid.

Plans? Lots of time with my boys. Wii boxing. Painting my toenails for a touch up until the pedicure. Getting a facial tomorrow. Possibly shaving my legs so I don't cut the hell out of them and wear bandages during BlogHer.

See you soooooon!


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