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July 11, 2009



bought some pickling cucumbers at the market today, someone beat me to my regular cucumber guy and bought up all the small ones. I saw a woman carrying like a 10 lb box of real small ones.I guess I am pickling today.


Chard for Average Jane ByJane

Wash the chard, and slice it up.
Saute some cut up onions and some garlic in some olive oil until soft. Throw in washed chard and cook until soft over medium heat. A nice addition is to saute some sliced sausages with the onions before adding chard. Rainbow chard is quite pretty and mostly retains its color.
xxoo (see you in Chi.)

zen zone chick

The jam was AWESOME btw! Thanks again!


Mmm. I love our CSA. If you get behind on the cooking greens, you can blanch them and freeze them, and then use them in the winter.

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