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June 15, 2009



As someone who only missed the 2007 conference (darn Anjali and her desire to be born), I can report that yes! this list is spot on.

I really, really recommend leaving the laptop at home. It is nice to just meet people face to FACE for a change.


This first-timer says thank you very much for this!

Janelle @ Brimful Curiosities

I found this post quite helpful. Will be attending for the first time. Thanks so much.

Wisconsin Mommy

Am also attending for the first time and just let out a huge exhale! Thanks for making it that much easier.


Another soon to be first time BlogHer attendee here and I also say thanks - what a helpful post!


Great post! I'm going for the first time myself. I wondered about the business cards and then promptly forgot about it. But I'm going to order some now! Also, I'm bringing a tote with my logo on it. I can fill it with swag :)


I've been to smaller writers' conferences, but this will be my first BlogHer Con. I had some idea of what to expect--based on previous experience--but it's nice to get some tips from BlogHer vets :)


As a newbie BlogHer attendee, this is great info! Thanks for sharing and I hope to meet you there.

Nicole (SAHM Reviews)

Thanks for the information. This is my first BlogHer and I'm anxious to learn all I can. I'm also excited about the swag but I can't get anyone to tell me the type of stuff we usually get. Is it a suitcase full of keychains and business cards or is there serious stuff too? Or are those things only handed out in limited supply like at private parties? I'm so excited!


Great advice, and I agree that Liz Rizzo is a fab person. :) I'm so looking forward to seeing you next week!

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