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June 10, 2009



The author Elizabeth Berg (I think it is her), has a great dedication in one of her books. She dedicates her book to one of her friends, who I believe recently passed away. When she asked him what the greatest gift he could receive would be, he said, "you know how cats dance sideways?" She said, yes. He said, "that's it." I've always loved that...and this post about cheese falling from the sky gives me the same feeling of how to find joy.

Katie Freiberg

Love the blog! I'd like to pick up the book. I would like to keep that mentality in mind each day... dancing sideways like a cat and waiting for the cheese to fall!


Where cancer of any sort is concerned, I think the hard pill to swallow is when you are told you've got it. My kidney adventure has taught me that.


What a great philosophy! I love it!


Laurie sent me a copy of the book and I read it in one swoop. It has taught me a whole new way to think about cancer--not as a horrible demon monster, but as something you actually CAN live with. You just have to choose to keep living. It was wonderful...


Thanks so much for this lovely review. I really hope we connect at BlogHer again this year! (and yay for velcro!)


Excellent post! I didn't know that Velcro was a breast cancer survivor.

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