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May 07, 2009



I fought against getting a GPS because I thought it would spoil all the fun of navigation, but Manoj won the war. And I am glad he did! Around town, I use it to find new ways of getting around. After Anjali was born, I really struggled to get both her and Arun down for naps, so I drove them in the car - the GPS helped make it interesting and now, I really know the area in southern JoCo.

I am taking a few road trips this year and cannot wait to fire up the GPS.


My Dad was given a GPS for Christmas the year before last. Usually he programs routes into it and then goes his own way, convinced that he knows better than the machine.

It's fun to watch. Someday the GPS is going to emit an exasperated sigh and say, "So why did you ask me if you're just going to ignore me?!?"


Huh, it lets me post on this one, but not on your excellent Parthenon or Nashville entries.

I recently found a good deal (almost 50% off) on a new Garmin, so I got it. Haven't taken it too far yet, but I have been letting it run routes to common destinations. I figure it's nice to know alternate routes or shortcuts. So far I am calling her Samantha, as what shes called in the menu (US English TTS Female- Samantha).

I wish Garmin had more downloadable options for voices. After Logtar joked he liked his GPS because he liked beautiful women telling him what to do, I REALLY wanted to find a Mistress Natasha voice for him.


We have a Nuvi (Garmin). We have dubbed her "The Nuvi Bitch" because she can get pretty testy when we mess up on our route.

I never thought about giving her an actual name, though. Good idea!

Keith Sader

The default female voice on Garmin units is "Jill". I don't recall the default male voice name.

If it had a hard time with detours etc. make sure to check that your maps are up-to-date.


Our GPS lady is actually a Senora - Senora Counsela. We love her but she does get insistently bitchy right before a turn.

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