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May 20, 2009



True--nothing we can do about age. Sigh. I do probably get more exercise than the average person my age (thanks to having a more flexible schedule and working at home), but even so my weight goes up about 2 lb every year. I do think exercise (mainly walking and hiking) has helped keep the gain from being more extreme.

Anyway, good luck with your exercise plan!


Good luck! I've gained about 10 pounds in the last year, and had already been about 10 pounds heavier than I really wanted to be...you've motivated me to start working on my extra pounds too!



I'm sure the closet looks great. All that home remodeling and all.

Good Night and Stay classy San Diego!

Annie Lynsen

You can do it! I lost about 40 pounds over the course of a couple of years - I blogged about it earlier this year. http://blog.thinklynsen.com/2009/01/how-to-get-in-shape-this-year.html Just take it slow and make little changes. Good luck!



Ummm, while you're there, can you do a couple of workouts for me...


You can do it . . . you've got the right frame of mind. If you know you'll do any walks or hikes this summer, I'd be glad to join you.


Good luck!

We are going to try to do more activities oriented around exercise this summer.

I know you can do it :)

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