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April 16, 2009



:) #30!!! That's awesome! My favorite bookstores in KC are Prospero's and Spivey's, but I'm a used book junkie. Every year or so, I have to go and sell back some of my books because my hubby has given me a 3 bookshelves limit. I guess he doesn't want to build a fourth bookcase...sigh. Also in the fall the KC Public Library has a great book sale and all the $$ goes to them to buy more books. I've found some of my favorites there and for $1 to $3 a book, I don't feel guilty if I get a crummy book that I don't want to finish.


I'm glad you decided to steal this - and I see we have some book habits in common :-). Your answer to #28 reminded me of one of the first things that interested me about my husband. We met online, and in the "last book read" item on his profile, that was his answer - "all four books of the trilogy." I was pretty sure I'd like him.

I think the His Dark Materials trilogy is considered YA - it's a bit mature for kids, and I didn't read it till I was 40. I thought it was great.

LOVE your answer to #30!


See if your local library has their catalog available online and if you can place reserves from home/work/etc. I wouldn't be able to use my local library as effectively if I didn't have those options available. I don't have time to browse the stacks always and favorite authors/series are easy to keep up with this way.


I just finished "Water for Elephants" the other day; I liked it.


Good meme. I was the same kind of little kid - I always got in trouble for reading instead of doing my chores.

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