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March 23, 2009


Mike J.

I think you've missed a lot of good times during high school. But it's okay, I guess everyone is entitled with their own happiness right, and you're happy just being like that.

Average Jane

Oh, Mike J., you silly spammer you! I'm not even going to delete your obnoxious comment because it amuses me. It's not really a good way to promote your site, though.


Mike J. sounds like he was one of the Popular Crowd, the group that peaked in high school and has been losing ground ever since. Why else would he work for schoolsandreunions.com?


I can't decide which of my three senior years of high school I should use.

mojavi at Simple Things

those are so much fun, the questions just bring back such good memories... I had a thing for bands too :)

Barb Holter

1. No, I dated a "college guy".
2.I gleaned two marriage proposals from high school, but I knew better.
3. My boyfriend took me to school before he went off to UMKC.
4.Car? No one had a car in high school! I lusted after a '69 Mustang that my boyfriend's mother let him drive.
5.Friday nights I usually spent with my extended group of girlfriends.
6.Sigh. Probably watching the previous night's Jon Stewart and
Stephen Colbert. My social group tried Friday nights but people kept falling asleep on couches by nine, so we all wisely decided Sat. nights were better for aging working stiffs.
7.In high school, I worked at TG&Y (a dime store) and at a Dairy Queen in the summer. I despised both jobs, and both had unpleasant male bosses. The Dairy Queen guy sat with binoculars and watched us from his real estate office across the parking lot to make sure we weighed each ice cream cone. My father made me earn my first pair of contact lenses or I NEVER would have stuck out the summer.
8. I have been a teacher since 1975.
9.No, not at all. We all drank beer, but it never got out of hand. It was before drugs hit the scene, so that wasn't an issue, either.
10. No, never could flirt worth a damn.
11.Jeez, I am mixed up in my numbers, so I am just going to soldier on. I wasn't in a band or choir; got called to the principal's office when I was a senior for wearing a black armband to protest the Vietnam War. There were no consequences.
15. Ditto, what the hell is a fight song?
16.My favorite teachers were my English teacher Mr. Redford and my Journalism teacher Mr. Stanley.
17. I worked as a cashier at school for the 4 lunch shifts. I earned $35.00 a month. I never ate, being a teenage girl who was obese at 105 pounds.
18.Raytown South
19. 1969-It was cool then, and it is cool now.
20. The cardinals
21.I see I skipped the nerd question. I was a great student, but not considered a nerd. (At least not that I know of)
22.I really didn't like high school that much after the first two years. I wanted to graduate early, but my parents didn't want me to do that. They thought the. .
23.prom was so important! I went, but it must not have been that great since I barely remember it. I do have a picture of me in an ugly yellow princess waistline dress.
24.I saw my old boyfriend at the last reunion Yes, he was not in that class; I suspect he wanted to hit on my friend Nancy, which turned out to be eerily correct. Not that much has changed since high school!
25. That would be a definite "no". I have been to three, and that is more than enough!
26? I still have two close friends from high school that have been life-long friends. One helped me pass Home Ec. and I helped her pass English.
I enjoyed your answers. You never know everything about your relatives.

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