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March 04, 2009



I wish I could get away with cooking that way, it's how I was raised. My parent's families saw the depression first hand, my husband's family really only read about it in the newspaper. So he doesn't appreciate things like meatloaf, at all. And leftovers? Please. Ugh.


Mine is my grandmom's chili recipe. For every can or bottle of something she used (beans, a small bottle of ketchup, etc.) she filled up the container again with water and dumped that into the pot. I think that was partly to get the last little bits out of the containers.

It starts out looking like soup with all that water, but then you throw in egg noodles. They soak up a lot that water, and you end up with a sort of chili goulash.

I'm pretty sure the noodles and water are also there to stretch it out. There's usually two dinners' worth in one pot.

Annie Lynsen

One word: Pasta. I love it, it's filling, and it's cheap! I try to cook without meat at least once or twice a week to help the budget, and make enough for leftovers for lunch the next day.

class factotum

I learned how to eat cheap in grad school and the Peace Corps and have no patience for people who buy processed/prepared foods and then whine that they can't make ends meet as they watch cable TV and talk on their cellphones.

Beans. Beans and rice. Cheap, filling, and nutritious. And easy to cook. And delicious! I am eating a bowl of black beans with linguica right now. (A little cumin, a bay leaf, some onion and green pepper with a garnish of onion and sour cream -- oh yum.)The sausage came from the bargain counter at the butcher's. Nothing wrong with it, just 7 sausages instead of the six that were supposed to be in the package.

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