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March 07, 2009



I'm sorry that Xena doesn't seem to like Trillian.

We were afraid Shayla wasn't going to get along well with Maia because she's never been a social cat. They seem OK now, not very friendly, though, because Shayla likes to sleep and relax, and Maia is a little time bomb.

I hope you get things figured out, and that Trillian stands up to Xena.

laurie ruettimann

I have two pieces of advice.

1. Feliway plug-ins in your house. It helps with litter box aversion but it also makes everyone chill the f out. Scrubby and Molly hated one another. Now we have plug-in units and life is a little better. http://catfaeries.com/feliway.html

2. Let them fight it out. This came from my vet. Sometimes our reactions make it worse. Don't run to intercede, don't take sides, and trust that a few battles will allow them to mark their territories and figure out their social ranking.

Good luck!



Forgive me, but I was sniggering all the way through reading that post. I know I shouldn't, but it does have a funny side.

zen zone chick

You already know I side with Laurie on this one: let them work it out. I know if sucks (sort of like letting your baby cry itself to sleep) but it's for the best in the long run.


I don't know about the let them work it out... but I guess it is an option... I mean after they have been in the same house for so long they should be at least tolerant of each others presence. Maybe when the little one gets bigger. Good luck.

Rita Arens

We had these problems with our outdoor cats growing up, but they weren't trapped in the same house together, either. Usually we let the big one beat up the little ones a little to establish the pecking order. I don't think you should let Xena eat Trillion or anything, though. Maybe stand by with a hose? I'm so sorry -- this sounds really frustrating.


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