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February 24, 2009



We do not use the crock pot as much as we should. I know it is the ultimate busy person cooking tool, but we seem to almost always use it when we are actually home and not for slow meals. Ours are newer, cannot remember what the first one I had looked like, I don't think I even had one growing up at all... now rice cookers those are a staple on some ethnic households.


I only just got my first crockpot this year, and it's white - pretty classic, hoping it won't go out of style. BUT, I have a teapot with that blue and white and geese (no bonnets) motif, a gift from the secretary at my part-time college job when I got my own place in...you guessed it, the late 80s!


Almost all the stuff we got for our wedding last year is silver and black, and you're right. It looks good now but will be decidedly dated in just a few years. We made a brisket in our shiny crockpot just the other day, by the way. I am a fan.


We got a plain classic white crock pot as a wedding gift. My mom never owned one, so my only previous experience with crock pottery was in high school when the Home Ec club (FHA-HERO) would sell nachos at lunch and the sauce was heated up in one of those blue/white/geese pots; I had a class in that classroom before lunch my freshman year and I can still smell the melted processed cheese food.

Annie Lynsen

I heart my Crockpot. When I graduated from college, it was one of the first appliances I bought myself (and then I got an upgrade when I got married). I use it at least a few times a month. My favorite recipe for it is this garlic lime chicken recipe I have (it's in this pdf of my favorite recipes: http://www.thinklynsen.com/lynsencookbook2ed.pdf). It's not your standard Crock Pot fare; it's zesty and very summery.

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