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February 26, 2009


A Librarian

Good for you! I have been thinking a lot about doing this but am worried that it will be way too much food for one person (not to mention the fact that 70% of my meals are brown bag). I am afraid I would end up wasting more food than I used.


I participated in one few years ago and quit (even losing my deposit). The selection was mostly lettuce and other greens and while we eat tons of produce, I really didn't need 4 kinds of lettuce and some edible grass. The items that I liked were limited or in small amounts like garlic,young potatoes,etc. I also felt it was grossly overpriced and I wasn't getting my money's worth even considering it being organic. If you didn't show up early, selection was greatly diminished. I didn't have to work on the farm though. Hope you like yours better. I found that I can get my fill at various farmers' markets for less and with less hassle.


I've long wanted to do this, just to bust me out of my self-imposed ruts. I hope you'll post and let us know how you like it.


I'll take that lamb if you like...


If you need someone to work your share with you, let me know. I would volunteer and would love to see what Rebecca and Tom are up to. They were really cool. Manoj was a big baby about the whole "working the share" part. Bah. :-)


I think it's so awesome that you're involved in that. :)

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