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February 01, 2009



I never thought about 13, but I can see how it might be a challenge.

And I totally agree about # 18!


I got tagged on facebook also and have been stuck on #9 for several days. I suppose I should try again.


Yeah, I did the 7 things right before the 25 things meme came at me on Facebook. Sigh. Now I'm not sure if I should combine them or come up with all new stuff! lol


#21 That's so interesting about Twitter. I was quickly disturbed by the level of intimacy I slipped into on Twitter and the ease of a drunken oops. Now I prefer Facebook for status updates, and I'm struggling to find a regular way to use Twitter. Maybe if I explored various applications, but I'm just not motivated to do so at the moment.

So I guess I'm jealous that you've found it lifechanging. ;)

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