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January 13, 2009



Incurious - That's got to be an American word...


Yeah, just one more way our husband's are alike. When our TV/Surround System was installed, my husband did the typical - went upstairs to do his thing. I still am shaky on how the whole thing was connected and dread when/if we ever move. Conversely, if I had been here, I would have had the installation guys show me all the connection. Grrr...

Rita's husband

Ahh...house projects.

The progress is looking good! The heat/cool in the rooms you are now putting sheetrock in will make a big difference. You'll see. You don't realize how much energy loss you have in your house until you seal up a room tight.

Keep up the good work!

Oh...and don't forget about the switches and sockets! Its all about the finish!

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