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January 04, 2009



popped over from des' blog.
i like your list. i also can only crochet squares & rectangles and want to actually learn to knit.
and i'm quite glad that the local library here has an option to store your book list on your account 'cause i'd totally forget what i read in the past year (or three)! i have read some non-library books, but i'm pretty addicted to the public library lately.


I love your idea about the book record & I am officially stealing it. I read so much that I forget them & then mumble something about Jackie Collins when someone asks me for a good book suggestion. I got problems.


Yoga is on my list too, I used to do it quite frequently but haven't gone to any classes in about a year or so. I found a class in my neighborhood on a night that is good for me and am trying it out for the first time this week!


Ooo! Join GoodReads, please oh please. I would love to see what you are reading as you are reading it. ;-)


3 yoga classes a week??? I am *so* jealous!


I second Cagey's comment. Goodreads. :-)

I love that site. I also use LibraryThing.

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