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November 15, 2008



Congratulations on your new addition! She looks like a sweetheart.


So pretty and shiny. I'm glad she got a good home.


I know someone who just named their new baby Trillian. Interesting....


Congratulations! I cannot wait to meet her. I just love tortoiseshells (our Vanessa is one) - the colors are gorgeous.

When my kids leave me for good, I am going to totally go all crazy cat lady. And will be unapologetic about it.


Welcome home Trillian!

Yes, I concur, she wasn't adopted out because her family was already chosen =)

Donna W

I never heard of T.A.R.A. Since I grew up hearing about Wayside Waifs, that's the animal adoption agency I know about, and it's where I got my Sadie.


Happy new pussy cat. what will the next one be called, Zaphod ?


What a pretty girl! Congrats on your new addition.


Welcome Trillian!

I'm so glad you adopted her.

(Love that you named her after a Hitchhiker's Guide character, although I'm glad you didn't name her Slarty Bartfast.)

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