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November 23, 2008


Twenty Four At Heart

You're right - it's hard to find good drummers. It's such a talent. Good luck with your search!


Speaking as a 51 year old with high blood pressure and diabetes, I can sympathise with his dilemma. Mind you, I would never have the energy to be a drummer in a rock band.

Donna W

Seems like the main problem with any band is keeping it intact. We have a next-door neighbor who is quite talented and had her own country band; they had couple of gigs a month. But someone was always quitting (after all, it requires a lot of ones spare time for practice). For now, the band is "disbanded".


That's a bummer. My buddy the base player only ever had problems with drummers. He liked almost every other musician he played with (at leas professionally) but he said it was a bitch finding a drummer that was good AND fit in.

Sorry to hear your hubbie has to drop the band, but I wish him good things and good health in it's place.

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