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November 28, 2008


Donna W

The red wine may be part of the problem?

I always overcook my turkey. So far, nobody has complained.


Oh dear, the story started off so well and then disaster strikes. Don't you taste your mash when you've made it ? My worst habit is undersalting, but you can always add it rather than take it away.

Barbara Holter

Thanks for such a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. I overheard Jim telling his friends that you were a wonderful cook. (I couldn't feel even a teeny bit jealous since my supreme indifference to cooking is well known.) If there were any cooking flaws I certainly didn't notice them, nor did my family. I also missed the wine spillage. I was impressed that the green beans were real, as opposed to canned. I just read in Mental Floss that the humble casserole was an ad campaign in the early 50's by Campbell Soup in an effort to sell more soup. So successful! What glorious comfort food! And I have never used mushroom soup at any time in any other way, so Campbell's campaign was successful beyond their wildest dreams. Supposedly it is served at 3 out of 4 Thanksgiving dinners.
My friend Nancy N. (who is a wonderful cook) reported that she screwed up a pecan pie so thoroughly that the crust and unjelled filling floated around in a disgusting manner, to the point that it couldn't be served. Fortunately, she had also made a pumpkin pie that was edible. Again, thanks for all the work and the happy socialization!
Your aunt


I had a big problem with my green beans too! Sadly it may be due to my beautiful oven. I am going to have get myself a oven thermometer and see if I need to have it calibrated.


This was hysterical. I could just hear you relating it...!

Zen Zone Chick

It all SOUNDS good! I am happy to report my 'new' mash recipe was a success...boil in 2% milk vs. water, load up garlic cloves & big springs of fresh rosemary and chives (and anything else..majoram perhaps)while cooking...fish out spices (not garlic) when done, strain some milk into cup, then add back in to mash. YUM! Oh, and the Lemon Chiffon pie I could TELL my MIL didn't want me to make was such a giant hit I printed off several copies of the recipe from Average Jane to hand out! :)-

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