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November 21, 2008


Donna W

I'll have daughter's family (5), son's two kids (2), possibly ex DIL (1) and Cliff's oldest sister (1). Later on his youngest sis and her husband will be here to eat some leftovers. Plus me and Cliff. Not such a big crowd. Oh, and I've never had a dining room in my life. We usually serve the food buffet style.


We rent a HALL. No joke. For Thanksgiving, we rent a hall in Springhill and ALL the generations get together. For Christmas, we scatter a bit.

When I was a kid, Thanksgiving AND Christmas were hosted at my grandma's house, but that was only the first 3 generations. Now that we have all pro-created, we cannot all fit into one house!


I'll be taking a bus to my parents' house this year. Next year, however, Thanksgiving will be at my place for the first! time! ever! Ack. I've already started looking at recipes to see if I can figure out what I'll be cooking next year.


I love that picture. I am hoping those HUGE plates are chargers and not plates? :)

My daughter is hosting this year but I am doing most of the cooking since she doesn't cook (don't ask). There will be abt 15-20 of us, depending on what time different family members get off work. Yeah, we're dedicated like that.

Good luck to you. I forwarded that cheese ball recipe to my sis.


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