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October 17, 2008



Holy shit! It's Wynonna Jane! Lol you are a very brave woman. Way braver than me, but I think I destroyed all the pictures of younger, permed, big-haired me anyway. And now we know why the Average Jane icon has curly hair.


Fun photos!

You could have been a Wilson (Heart)sister in the 80's

Xavier Onassis

That's awesome! Thanks for playing! Those torn jeans = sessy!


Very cool - Your most recent photo indicates that you can't span the 30 year period the same way that XO did - but your changes are remarkable. The most obvious change aside from your hair is that you've stopped folding your arms for photos.

Donna W

Wow, you HAVE changed, in a good way. This was interesting.

mojavi at Simple Things

holy crap hottie hotterson from the 80's!!!!!


Your 80s pic is totally awesome! ;)

Kerri Anne

I'm loving that you were rocking fishnets underneath your pants in that first pic. Sometimes I really miss the '80s. Heh.

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