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October 14, 2008


Donna W

There's a rule against jeans and T-shirts when you're old? Who knew? I'm 64, and that's all I wear (unless it's hot; then I wear shorts... is that wrong also?).

I wish somebody would give me some dressier stuff for an occasional burial or something. Like you, I hate to shop.

It tickles me to death that when I go to church, I am no longer required to suffer the indignities of dresses and panty-hose. Church has turned into pretty much of a come-as-you-are affair.



I just got a new batch of T-shirts from Threadless, and they make me so happy. :)


You always look amazingly "cool"--like the rocker chick you are. I'm envious of your look. Maybe I'll try it.


Remember Le Tigre? It was the first logo-branded clothing line I "made" my parents buy me ...paved the way for Tommy Hilfiger. I'm so ashamed!

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