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October 13, 2008



These cheaper cuts of meat are all very well, but with the price of electric / gas now, simmering for a number of hours, you may as well have bought a roasting chicken and cooked it in an hour.


This is fantastic! I just bought a chicken yesterday figuring I'd find out a way to make it last. This is just what I needed. Thank you!

Donna W

We often buy one of those roasted chickens at Walmart or Sam's Club when I'm rushed for lunch (Cliff leaves for work at 2:30 and sometimes we cut it close). We get home and have chicken and perhaps a microwave-baked sweet potato. Next day we'll have a lettuce/tomato salad with plenty of chicken in it. Then we usually get some chicken salad sandwiches from the remainder.

The chicken costs five bucks, and I don't even have to cook it.

I usually buy the 10-pound bags of fryer quarters and divide them into freezer bags to use for jambalaya, gumbo, etc.


one stewing hen for $8.00 must have been huge .


This is exactly the inspiration I need for this upcoming week. Thank you!


Mmmm. Bookmarked.

zen zone chick

This should be listed in your recipes, btw!

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