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September 29, 2008



You guys were tight! We had a great time. Try fabreeze on the carpeted speakers.


I thought smoking was banned indoors in public these days or is that just New York and the UK ?


I would love to come sometime, hopefully one that is a bit closer to me.

I know what you mean about smoke smells. sigh.

Liz@Inventing My Life

I'm also surprised that there are still places where you can smoke inside - it's been illegal here in MA for years!

Hope you feel better.

Last Girl On Earth - Deni

Just found your blog through NetChick. I'm a fellow musician and blogger. (Come by and visit when you get a chance.) I'm looking forward to checking out your music and catching up on your blog. Nice to meet you. -Deni


Glad things mostly went well for you!

As for me I wish I coulda made it. By the time my visitors were in Friday eve we were all too beat to boogie. But I for one dug the location. I am waaay out on the east side, so this would have been a good compromise.

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