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September 24, 2008



Poor chicklet ..sorry.

It's the flying, I always get sick ... they recycle that yucky community air!

Here's the sure bet ... 3,000 mg vitamin C tablets a day. It really works! (Walgreens brand comes in 1,000 mg)

A Librarian

Get well soon. Let me know if you need emergency rations.


Nancy said it for me. Flying I reckon is the best way to come down with something someone else on the plane as. For example, last time I flew, I ended up with bunions !


Hope it wasn't the combo of ice cream and beer that lowered your resistance ;-) Great to hang out with you at BWE. Feel better soon.

Zen Zone Chick

The combo of ice cream and beer made me visualize a Beer Float. Sorry...guess THAT image won't make you feel any better!


Gah. Yeah, i'm feeling the same way - it's conference plague. Happens almost every time I come home from one of these events. Price we pay for going to the conferences?? :(

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