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August 05, 2008



um, seeing as how it's 6:45am and I've been up an hour now after falling asleep around 2am - and don't see that pattern changing over the next couple of weeks - I believe not only do I DESERVE this prize but I NEED this book to serve as a daily affirmation of black circles under my eyes and their proof of my total kick-ass-ed-ness!


Throw my hat into the ring. I'd love to read it, what a great way to share the book wealth.


My toddler is sleeping a little better these days... I need the reminder so I don't go rushing into this again!

Liz@Inventing My Life

Ooh, ooh, pick me! I would love to give this book to a friend of mine who just had her first baby at the age of 41 and is definitely feeling the effects of not enough sleep! Do I get extra points for wanting the book for altruistic purposes?


I've been eye-balling this book for a few weeks. I'd love to check it out!


I went to bed at 12:30 bleary eyed but still awake enough to see the "Sleep is for the Weak" button that is stuck in the wall next to medicine cabinet. I wondered to my sleepy self, "How weak is weak?" This morning, I awoke to three alarms that go off downstairs... one at a time, just in case I head back up to bed. Made myself some strong coffee to balance the sleep weakness...

I'm so damn tired.


I'm with Ashley. I've been thinking about this book a lot, but haven't yet shelled out the cash. Thanks for holding a giveaway!


I'd love to give this book to my sister. She has two kids and I dont' think she's slept for three years. Yikes! Great blog by the way!


sleep may be for the weak... but oh god how I love it so...


Ooooh, I'd love to read that book! Pick me!! :)

Pork with Bones

Ooh -- I've been wanting a copy of this. And a copy to pass along to a newly-pregnant friend.


wait... are you picking at random? or do I have to make a case?

we likes free bookses!


Totally forgot to pick up a copy. I'm in!


I would love to give this to a friend who is 4 weeks from delivery of her first child who, if she listens to me, will be named Ninja. I fear that she will not, but I think that she deserves a gift in any case.

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