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August 20, 2008


Keith Sader

I know an awesome stylist! Go ahead and ask me who.


I'm lucky my daughter is a stylist.

Although I stick to pretty much the same color high/low lights, her hair colors are ever changing.

Good luck with round #2.


I like your blue...

a beer sort of girl

Who did they recommend? I've been wandering around town for a long time with hair in desperate need of creativity. I went to Chop Tops before too, wanted to love them, didn't love what I got.


I don't know what part of Kansas City you live in but I have a great hair chick...she is in Independence.

Zen Zone Chick

Who, Lisa? What does she charge for a cut & color (I know it depends, but in general?). Indep. isn't too far for me & I need to shop around too. :)


I see Christine at Roca Salon on 39th St. I've been seeing her for over 3 years now, and while my color might not be as saturated as yours, it gets comments around once a week...

She's awesome with cuts AND color, though when it comes to a cut, she does well when she sees a picture of what you want first. She really does kick ass.


Her name is Sarah...she charges me $50.00 to do a cut and color...but I have known her since she was little. She just opened up shop in a tanning place near 291 and 24 Highway. She might charge a little more for new clients...you can email me and I will give you her number.

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